Critical Reflection

Career and Professional Development II has provided me with a fresh perspective on communication, which I can put to good use in school, as well as in the workplace.

Throughout the course of the module, we had gone through a range of topics – interpersonal communication, active listening, conflict management, non-verbal communication, which has taught me things that I have never knew about, or neglected, in communication. Furthermore, the impromptu speeches have given me the opportunity to experience what it is like to speak before a group on such a short notice.

The most memorable session had to be during the project presentation, where my team, consisting of Han Tong, Joey, and myself, showcased the fruits of our labour. We managed to deliver a presentation on an issue that we felt strongly for, and shared our knowledge on workplace bullying with the rest of the class.

In all, after the completion of the Career and Professional Development II module, I had gained a better appreciation of the art of communication, and will surely take the skills I have learnt with me no matter where I go.


One thought on “Critical Reflection

  1. Brad says:

    Thank you, Leon, for the sweeping reflection on the module. I’m glad you found it generally a good learning experience. It also warms my heart that your project focus was something you felt strongly about. We all appreciated your contribution.

    I do hope you can transfer some of the skills the skills and know-how learnt or polished in CPDII to future study and work.

    All the best as you continue your learning journey!


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